Parthenonas – Traditional Village in Chalkidiki

The facts about this place
Source: facebook

Parthenonas, only 5 km away from Neos Marmaras, was referred to as Parthenopolis, Partheni or Parthenionas since ancient times. Contemporary researchers tend to accept that the old, Byzantine Parthenonas and the current one, founded during the Ottoman era, were not at the same place. The ancient city of Parthenopolis, however, may have been situated very close to the current location of the settlement. The architecture and the ribbon development of Parthenonas preserve the atmosphere of the previous century. Parthenonas is under protection by state and E.U. law as it is considered a traditional settlement of unique architecture and constitutes the right choice for those who wish to explore the Dragoudelis slopes and enjoy the pleasant climate and panoramic views. A growing number of travellers is attracted by its beauty and, these days, visitors may find many restaurants and guesthouses. Also located there is the old chapel of Agios .Stefanos and the folklore museum, where they may experience the distillation of tsipouro, a local spirit drink. Photo courtesy of Zoran Jovanovic Joe and Nikos Ioannou.